Western Japan-Cambodia Friendship Association

April, 2013

It aims to deepen mutual understanding and promote friendship between Fukuoka, Kyushu-Okinawa, and western Japan and the Kingdom of Cambodia, thereby contributing to economic, cultural, and personnel exchanges between the two countries.

(1) Exchange information and resources to promote mutual understanding between the two countries.
(2) Promoting understanding and friendship by inviting cultural, sporting and economic personalities from both countries.
(3) Promoting economic and technical cooperation for Cambodia’s economic development (reconstruction from civil war and poverty)
(4) Organizes workshops and events to promote cultural exchange.
(5) Promote interaction with Cambodian residents in Japan, as well as with international students and technical trainees.
(6) Provide necessary support to achieve the objectives of the prior article.

Greetings from the President
The Western Japan-Cambodia Friendship Association was established on April 2013, the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Cambodia, with the aim of deepening mutual understanding and promoting friendship between Fukuoka, Kyushu and western Japan and Cambodia, thereby contributing to economic and cultural exchange and its development.

Cambodia, with its rapid economic growth in recent years, is one of the leading tourist destinations in Asia with its World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat, and has also become a member of the ASEAN Free Trade Area. It is also located in a very important place that connects Vietnam and Thailand. Furthermore, Cambodia is a friendly country with a stable political situation, a high economic growth rate of around 7%, a young and affluent workforce, and the government’s policy of preferential foreign investments, making it a particularly good environment for business development among other Asian countries.

I was appointed as the successor to the 2nd President Kazuhiko Egashira in April, 2019. I sincerely hope to contribute to the development of the Western Japan Cambodia Friendship Association in a positive way with the cooperation of all members and related parties.

Western Japan-Cambodia Friendship Association

President Senji Kobayashi

 ■ Address of the Secretariat
Asia Pacific Children’s Conference in Fukuoka (APCC)
5F Fukuoka, 1-10-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City 810-0001 Japan
TEL: 092-734-7701 FAX: 092-734-7711